Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cleaning Up (the Ring with Your Face)

clean1_kotThe first three weeks of August, Anna gave us a load more props as well as initial color and special poses. The fellows at Six Point -– James Crowley, Chris Toms and Zach Aufdemberg - cleaned up her drawings in Illustrator. It was kinda cool having these dudes try out different stuff, in part because it allowed us to figure out what kind of line weights and coloring worked best. Like using colored lines instead of black - I wouldn't have thought of that!

So things were moving along, which was lucky since in mid-August Barbara and I got a golly of a lot busier with training. Si, es verdad; when we're not creating adorable six-year-old princesses, we are, of course, tearing up the squared circle lucha libre-style as Bibi and Fifi Poubelle. The twin and I have been performing as luchadoras (Mexican-style wrestlers) for the past four years or so, in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and even Tijuana.

Refuse to believe us? Check this out:

(Nice music, huh? That's Mr. Uncertain, and you'll be hearing more of him in the Twincess pilot.)

So you probably donut want to miss our upcoming Lucha Va VOOM shows, October 24th, 25th & 26th at the Mayan Theater, downtown LA. Equal parts lucha libre, burlesque dancing and comedy, it will blow your mind OFF.


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