Friday, September 29, 2006

Sojourner Tooth (the writey process)

Late May to early July, we wrote up a couple outlines for episodes and decided that Barbara’s story of “Ugly” losing a feisty baby tooth, inspired by her own wisdom molar, was best suited for a pilot. Unfortunately, the week we were to write the script, twinny and I found ourselves on a series of descending-sized planes heading for the island town of Sydney, Nova Scotia, to see our ailing grandfather (below, in healthier times). Maybe that’s why our mum says the Kindly Old Timer reminds her of him.

Vera, Papa and Barbara

Back in LA, we finished the script and met with writer Mark Palmer on July 13th. I've known Mark since my very first animation job, as a PA on “Ahhh! Real Monsters” at Klasky Csupo. He told us that any show with the line “We can’t ask a mule to kick my twin in the face!” is a show for him. His punch-ups were fantastic - solid story structure tweaks and funny jokes. We made one more pass incorporating his notes and the script was done.




Blogger Danforth said...

Who's in charge of your puns? Honestly, I don't know whether you should fire them or give them a raise.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Twincesses said...

A raise, a raise! I very easily could have called it "Telling the Tooth," "Tooth or Consequences," etc., etc. (And I still haven't ruled out "The Tooth Hurts"...)

Want lowbrow? I refer you to my Anna Chambers post.

6:38 PM  

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