Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hi! Welcome to the Twincesses blog

First of all, I might have started this blog months ago. Barbara and I pitched the idea for "Twincesses" to the Six Point Harness development team back in May. True, it wasn't until the end of June when head 6PHers Brendan Burch and Dave Vamos gave us the official word. But the script's been final since mid-July and things have been moving forward ever since.

For the pitch, Barbara and I played my short The Legend of A Twin Princesses (see below). I'd finished this back in 2002, having set about creating the simplest animation possible in order not to blow up my 6GB laptop. The film premiered at the 2003 Silverlake Film Festival, and screened with films by Guy Maddin (who called it "charming" - swoon!) amongst other venues around town.

What's happened since? Redesign by Anna Chambers, voice recording by Brandon Johnson (Punk'd), Bauza ("Stimpy"), Matt Danner (animation wunderkind) and us twins, backgrounds by Mindy Lee and great work by the 6PH crew. Stay tuned for more!


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