Friday, September 29, 2006

Anna Chambers: the poo-fect designer

July 18th, Barbara and I met famed artist Anna Chambers. Brendan had sent us to her website the week before to get acquainted with her work. Her talent is obvious, but it was a certain drawing of a blue, poo-headed child that really caught our eye. The boy looks delighted with his headwear while the stink-line-emitting merdelette appears concerned to say the least. Cute and crazy - yay! As we clicked on through, we found adorably pathetic birdies, tiny proud caterpillars, foul-breathed old-timers, tounge-sticky-outty elves. We were no less impressed with the actual Anna. By the following Monday (after Comic-Con weekend, no less!) based on nothing more than the original short, the script and a bunch of stuff we said at her, Anna turned in drafts of the main characters that made our heads spin.


Visit Anna's website and her poo-rific blog.




Blogger Stephen Studios said...

awesome stuff!! I Cant wait to see this when its done!


8:51 PM  
Blogger Twincesses said...

Why hello there, Stephen - when are you coming to work for Six Point?

6:55 PM  

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