Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cast 'n' Characters

August 2nd was our first recording session at Esho Sound, a studio conveniently located in the Six Point Building. John Warrin, proprietor and fellow twin, has built himself a cozy little booth for one (or two, if it’s Duffys).

For the guest role of Tooth, we were thinking either a Dave Chappelle sound-alike or Flava Flav (whichever was cheaper), but we landed someone much better: Brandon Johnson. You might have seen Brandon on Punk’d, Crossballs or Arrested Development, but we knew him from his live comedy. Dressed as half man, half woman, he'd performed an insane duet with himself for the Comedy Karaoke show. Priceless. We called upon his singing skills for both a hurt-feelinged rap and a soulful jam.

The rest of the cast recorded on the 3rd. Matt Danner played Kindly Old Timer; his other voice acting roles have included Shaggy, Pussy Cow and "Go! Go! Moba Boy!" Matt’s one of those reasons this studio is so special: he does voices, development, design, storyboarding, writing - and he does it all really, really well.

Milo was done by Eric Bauza, who's on Nickelodeon’s “El Tigre" and is Stimpy on “Ren and Stimpy Adult House Party.” He can also mimic just about anyone in the studio, an endlessly entertaining skill. It's like a caricature in his mouth!
Prince Jamima was played by Matt, Bauza & me, depending on whether the infant was crying, gurgling or laughing. We pieced together a pretty cute frankenbaby.

Barbara and I voiced Priddy and Ugalee, respectively. People want to know how we picked which twin to play which twin, and the answer is simple: *shrug*.


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