Friday, January 26, 2007



Why are these girls so gleeful? Because animation for Twincesses officially commenced on January 15th! All of our favoritest animators are working on it – Chris “Blick” Martin (who drew the above frame), “Kentucky” Dave Gerhard, Joe “Mutha Jack” Kossuth, Rob “Rednecks in Space” Lilly, Jaime “Jaimz 57” Velasquez and Michael “Freelancin’” Huang. Two dozen insanely cute scenes are already in our hands. We so wish you could sneak a peek, but we're afraid a small taste would only leave you yearning with unfettered desperation for so much more.

We must also at this time give a shout out to production manager Mac "I Don't Really Give A ___ About Trying To Top That" Whiting, who is so all over this project it makes us weep with gratitude.



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