Friday, December 01, 2006

The twinsanity contwinues.

With the animatic completed on October 6th (golly, do we wish we could show it to you, but some things gotta stay under wraps!), Twincesses took a brief hiatus as Six Point tended to some prior commitments. As of this week, however, the show is again moving full speed ahead! The aforementioned James, Chris & Zach were joined by Danforth France, Seth Cooper and Kerry Dwyer in Flashifying the Illustrator turnarounds. Meanwhile, Matt designed the girls’ eye and mouth comps, as producer Todd Prather produced some product, including a top secret Twincesses-related side project.

The twin and I decided we could use some mentoring on our adorable little cartoon, so we turned to Tommy Blacha. He’s the co-creator of [Adult Swim]’s Metalocalypse and stars as William Murderface. Tommy expressed disappointment that our show contains neither fatalities nor maimings, but seemed heartened to hear the episode will be scored almost exclusively with hard core death metal.




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